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    CAsyncSocket::Connect() error

    Hello everybody,

    I 'm using a CAsyncSocket class in a VisualC++ program.

    When I'm working on WIN98 everything works fine. But, on Windows 2000 a WSAEINVAL (10022) error occures.

    BOOL b = mySocket.Connect(''"ftp.microsoft.com", 21); //CLIENT see doc
    if(b == FALSE)
    int err = CAsyncSocket::GetLastError();

    Can you give me some idea?


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    The error is telling you that there is an invalid parameter in the call.

    The port number is difficult to mess up, but the host address could be badly formatted (as shown in your example).

    If you want, you can also specify the ip address in the host string. This way the application doesn't need to resolve the address;

    BOOL b = mySocket.Connect("", 21);

    I would check your original string though. It looks incorrect in the example you show (there's something unusual about the beginning of the string).

    Hope this helps,

    - Nigel

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    Hello Nigel,
    There is a cut & paste error in my example.

    I analyzed better my code:

    The mySocket.Connect() function always returns FALSE and the last error code vary between 10022 and 10035.
    I tried it with verified IP addresses and ports.

    But, sometime, the socket is connected properly and I can work with.


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    A return value of 10035 is not an error. It is to be expected.
    It is WSAEWOULDBLOCK which means that the requested
    operation would block and this is a non-blocking socket. The operation will be completed latter and your program will be
    notified with the OnConnect callback.
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    this info seems to be very helpfull for me. I will try it soon .

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    Actually, on Windows 2000, it returns always FALSE with error = 10022

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