Good Evening.

This problem has been causing me pain for awhile. I hope someone can provide me help..

I am seeing that for the below code, on the debug build, it is fine, but on release build it fails. I am using VC 7.0.

int index - 1;
float *Range;
float min = 1.50f;
float increment_step = 0.1;
Range = new float [steps];
Range[0] = min;

while (index<= steps) {
Range[index] = Range[index-1] + increment_step;

later I want to check the index of a given value in Range[]

for ( int i = 0; i < index; i++ ) {
printf (" values %f %f \n", value, Range[i]);
if (value == Range[i] ) {
index = i;

the problem is, I can see in the for-loop, the values do match, but it never jumps to the if condition.

Please... help..