I am using windows xp professional os and vb 6.0.

In my program i need to delete one of the dirctory. so i am using common dialog and select the directory.

For example my dir Name="c:\temp\test".

After that i given RMDIR "c:\temp\test". its giving error ""PATH/FILE ACCESS ERROR" Run time error-75.

here the code for select the folder :

cd1.Filter = "(File Folder)" & " |FileFolder|"
cd1.Flags = cdlOFNAllowMultiselect
cd1.FileName = ""
intPath = InStr(1, cd1.FileName, "filefolder")

If intPath > 0 Then
txtDelpath.Text = Trim(Mid(cd1.FileName, 1, Len(cd1.FileName) - 11))
End If

cd1.FileName = "c:\"
txtDelpath.Text = txtDelpath.Text

-when i click the command button. the code
RMDIR TxtDelpath.text

- and also that directory is empty.

- please help me