I hate the standard template library.

I hate the fact you can't use DEBUG_NEW with it to track down memory leaks.

I hate all the std::blah blah stuff when there's classes in MFC which do virtually the same job but much, much nicer.

I don't even like CArray.

However CPtrArray, CObArray and CStringArray are very, very, very useful.

You can't inherit from any of the STL classes because they don't have virtual destructors so you can't for instance do nice things that you can in MFC like :

class CServerNames : public CStringArray
    virtual ~CServerNames();
} ;
where this class would load in all server names from wherever.

In one line.

Wherever you wanted to put it in the code.

In an MFC environment I don't see any reason to use it. Ever !

I know my comments are very forward, but I'm invoking discussion.

This should be very, very interesting.