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    I guess I do use it
    How do you see it in the watch window?
    I need to expand it because sometimes it's in the _Buf and sometimes in the _Ptr

    btw I checked the case and it's uppercase so it's not the problem

    Here is how it looks in my debugger: (this time it's in the _Ptr)
    so you see I need to expand it to check the value, which is kind of annoying...

    so according to the way it looks in my debugger can you pls tell me what phrase do I need to put in the autoexp.dat file?


    + std::_String_val<char,std::allocator<char> > {_Alval={...} } std::_String_val<char,std::allocator<char> >
    npos 4294967295 const unsigned int
    - _Bx {_Buf=0x0133f038 "H>_面面面面面面 " _Ptr=0x01a03e48 "lalalalala" } std::basic_string<char,std::char_traits<char>,std::allocator<char> >::_Bxty
    + _Buf 0x0133f038 "H>_面面面面面面 " char [16]
    + _Ptr 0x01a03e48 "lalalalala" char *
    _Mysize 12 unsigned int
    _Myres 31 unsigned int
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    You could try adding the following:

    std::_String_val<char,std::allocator<char> >=$BUILTIN(NSTDSTRING)
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    it didn't help either

    I have no idea what to do
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    thank you all, aparantly this line:

    std::basic_string<*> =Ptr=<_Bx._Ptr,s> Buf=<_Bx._Buf,s>

    do the trick but I had an extra line in the dat file that made it not to work

    after removing it, it seems ok


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