Hi All,

Good Morning to everyone here. :P

May i know anyone here can help to answer one of my question. I would like to know how to reference double dimension array with double dimension pointer. ( i think this may sounds silly to someone here )

I have tried to reference one dimension array with pointer without problem,

e.g. char xx[100]; char *yy;
yy = xx;
sprintf(yy, "You are a nice guy");

// good result

However, if i try with 2 dimension pointer to 2 dimension array

char xx[100][500];
char **yy;
yy = xx;

// not working - cannot compile

char *xx[100];
char **yy;
yy =xx;
// can compile - but it gives error during excution

Is there any method to hv the address of pointer same as array declared for 2 dimension memory.

I do not/cant use "malloc" and "new" due to some reason, can anyone help to answer to my doubt?

Thanks a millions time.

James Goh