I am working on creating a VBscript whose only purpose is to pull files from an FTP site and place them into directories on my machine.

I know how to use FTP commands, but when I place them into my VBScript I get wrong number of argument errors on the execute commands. I have been looking at some help files and they mention an INET control to use FTP. If this is the cause of my problem, how do I add this control to my VBScript?

I have included the code I have so you can see what is happening.

...Here it is
'Set Inet1 = CreateObject("INET")
'With Inet1
URL = "ftp://www.threesource.tv"
UserName = "someuser"
Password = "somepass"
Execute, "GET *.txt C:\temp\*.txt",
Execute ,"DIR" ' Returns the directory.
Execute ,"CLOSE" ' Close the connection.
'End With

Any help would be very much appreciated.