STL deque problem
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Thread: STL deque problem

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    STL deque problem


    I'm novice in STL C++ librari, so my question will be very easy.

    I have a structure, for example:

    typedef struct _mystruct
    char name[256];
    bool sex;
    int age;
    } mystruct, *pmystruct;

    I can define a class based on queue STL template:

    typedef queue<mystruct, list<mystruct> > MEMBERS_QUEUE; // This works perfectly

    But I want also define a class based on deque:

    typedef deque<mystruct, list<mystruct> > MEMBERS_DEQUE; // This doesn't work.

    I suspect that I must define allocator for mystruct... What should I do to construct own class based on deque and mystruct?
    Yours sincerely,

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    Simply ...
    typedef deque<mystruct > MEMBERS_DEQUE;
    when you use std::queue as follows:

    typedef queue<mystruct, list<mystruct> > MEMBERS_QUEUE;
    you are saying to use a list internally in the std::queue code.
    (by default it uses a std:eque). A queue is container
    adapter - it takes a standard container, and restricts the
    operations that can be done on it (and gives the functions
    names that are more appropriate for a queue).

    If you wanted the internal container in the queue to
    be a deque instead of a list you would use :

    typedef queue<mystruct, deque<mystruct> > MEMBERS_DEQUE;
    or, since deque is used by default ...
    typedef queue<mystruct> MEMBERS_DEQUE;

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