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Thread: Virtual Key Code for VK_DECIMAL

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    Virtual Key Code for VK_DECIMAL

    Hi all. I am trying to test for the decimal/period key '.' in my OnChar function. I looked up the MSDN Virtual Key code for this and it said it is 110, which is a lower case 'n'. The only way I can get this to work is if I test for VK_DELETE instead of VK_DECIMAL. If I enter the decimal point and print its integer value it is 46. Does anybody know what's going on?

    if (nChar == VK_DECIMAL) // simply does not work!

    Why would MSDN publish Virtual Key codes that do not work since they are incorrect? How can they say the integer value of a decimal point is 110, everybody knows this is ASCII for lower case 'n'? Please help!

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    Hi mate,
    VK_DECIMAL would refer to the DEL key on the numpad.
    This will work in tandom with the NUM LOCK.
    If you need to trap the "." key of the normal keyboard, then you will need to use the corresponding hex value which is 0x2E.
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