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    porting VC++ sourcecode to linux


    I have developed VC++ Applications on Window platform. I want to convert it into Linux platform. Is any cross complier method to convert into linux platform.Please suggest easy method to do so.



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    Is your program graphical ? Do you use MFC, ATL, straight Win32 functions ? What system components does the program rely on ? What does the program do ?

    Porting a program to Linux can be easy, but in most cases, you'll have to do some serious work. Maybe an OK solution would be to try to run it on Wine (Windows interface to Linux functions, they hate it when you say it's a Windows emulator ).
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    Originally posted by Yves M
    Wine (Windows interface to Linux functions, they hate it when you say it's a Windows emulator ).
    Wine recursively means: Wine is not an emulator

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    I wanted to add some 2 cents here. Our firm has applicaitons that we support on both Windows and Linux/Unix. Whenever we write C/C++, we are always very careful about the API's that we used becuase of their portability to Linux, which, if you serve corporate clients, is just about getting to be essential. So, the bottom line is, if at all possible, plan ahead and your porting is mostly based on the API' that you use, becuase otherwise, in C++, we tend to rely on MFC and other MS API which is generally not portable. For that, WINE might be something to consider.
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    I've found a very promising open source portable GUI package called wxWindows,


    If the bulk of the port is the GUI I think you should consider rewriting the MFC GUI part of your program to wxWindows. An additional benefit would be that apart from Linux you also get many additional platforms like Mac 'for free'.

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    my program is graphic based using MFC, Win32 function on windows platform. It transfer the file from one end to other end.
    I want to make it executable on the Linux platform with Kernel onlyi.e without XII.

    Is wxWindows application use XII.


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    wxWindows is a cross platform GUI API. Basically, it allows you to write GUI applications in a platform independent manner. You write your GUI code, targetting the wxWindows library, then you re-compile your code on all the platforms you wish to support.

    If you don't want a GUI at all (i.e. you want to re-write your application as a console app), then you don't need wxWindows. All you need to do is remove all the MFC code from your app (well, basically).

    I guess I don't understand your question. The Linux platform you're targetting doesn't have X installed? Or, do you not want to use X? Either way, you don't need wxWindows, if you do not want a GUI.


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