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Thread: adding icons to toolbar in form

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    adding icons to toolbar in form

    Hi, I have seached the toolbar info here, and it all seems to add icons to the toolbar by code. But I know for a fact that it can be done in the form with menu editor. but I, duh, can't remember it. WHen I get the editor open go to picture, then browse to an icon, it give the error "Invalid property value". I want this as simple as possible. Thnaks for any input.

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    1> Plop an image list on the form somewhere..
    2> Add images/icons to it
    3> Plop a toolbar on the form
    4> Go to its property page
    5> Associate the imagelist with the toolbar
    6> Add your buttons

    and your done... Easy wasn't it...
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    Jinto, you are the MAN! (or WOMAN!), that was it exactly, it had been 2 years since I've used it, I knew it was something simple. Cheers.

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