Does someone know how i can get Unicode Character Strings into a Titlebar from a Form?
The Unicode-String is successfully loaded from a SQL-Database, but when i try to set the Caption of that Form like

me.caption = somestring

i receive only some "???".
I also tried to use a API-Function called "SetWindowTextW" but i only get the same result.
Would be nice if someone helps out or has an idea to try.

public Declare Function SetWindowTextW Lib "user32" (byval hwnd as Long, byval lpString as string) as Long

public Sub SetWindowText(hwnd as Long, VarStr as string)
Dim varbyte() as Byte
Dim cch as Long

If VarStr = "" then Exit Sub
cch = LenB(VarStr) + 2
ReDim varbyte(0 to cch)

CopyMemory varbyte(0), byval StrPtr(VarStr), cch

SetWindowTextW hwnd, VarPtr(varbyte(0))
Erase varbyte
End Sub