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Thread: Remote Control

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    Remote Control

    I have an idea. I have 2 computers. One of them is behind the hardware firewall so that only I can get out of that machine (and supposedly anybody cannot come in) and the other one is web server.

    I use eMule and I have low ID in my home computer because of this firewall. I'm a long time and way away from my home computer but I want to control than one from a distance.

    So I have an idee. I upload to my homepage simply a plain text fail where I have written down some commands. My "program" will check frequently for that file and if there is something then it does that what there is said and uploads a screenshots and other needed information. I also have to controll a mouse and keyboard. So I will have to controll another application from my one.

    So, what do you think. Is it hard to do or not. I'm a n00b in C++ and MFC. I wanna learn a lot on my way to this goal. If I develope it further then it can be a good helpmate.

    1. How to insert text to another program textbox and how to "fake" mouse clicks and movements?

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    see keybd_event API.
    Ramkrishna Pawar

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