CSocket problem?
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Thread: CSocket problem?

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    CSocket problem?

    I want to use socket to send and receive data with a website.
    I created my own CMySocket derived from CSocket, and overrided the OnSend and OnReceive methods:

    void CMySocket::OnReceive(int nErrorCode)
    char strRecv[1024];
    Receive(strRecv, 1024);

    void CClickSocket::OnSend(int nErrorCode)
    Send("Get", 3);

    then I used the this socket in one of document member function:

    m_pSocket = new CMySocket(this);
    m_pSocket->Connect(szIP, 80)

    But when I ran program, only the OnSend function executed. The OnReceive function doesn't run at all (I've set a break to check it).


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    This is what you should be using, if plan to use http


    Action Prerequisite
    Establish an HTTP connection.
    Create a CInternetSession as the basis of this Internet client application.
    Call CInternetSession::
    GetHttpConnection to create a CHttpConnection object.

    Open an HTTP file. Establish an HTTP connection.
    Call CHttpConnection::OpenRequest to create a CHttpFile object.
    Call CHttpFile::AddRequestHeaders.
    Call CHttpFile::SendRequest.
    Read an HTTP file. Open an HTTP file.
    Call CInternetFile::Read.
    Get information about an HTTP request. Establish an HTTP connection.
    Call CHttpConnection::OpenRequest to create a CHttpFile object.
    Call CHttpFile::QueryInfo.
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    Thank you for your help. But I want to use socket to have a try. I wonder why this problem occurs.

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