Problem with CSocket and CArchive
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Thread: Problem with CSocket and CArchive

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    Problem with CSocket and CArchive

    I wantted to use CSocket to send and receive data with a HTTP sever. If I wrote it as:

    szOut = "GET http://...../ HTTP/1.0\n\n"
    m_pSocket->Send(szOut, szOut.GetLength());
    m_pSocket->Receive(szIn.GetBuffer(1024), 1024);

    It would be no problem and receive a "200 OK" status in szIn.

    But if I wrote it as:

    CSocketFile SocketFile(m_pSocket);
    CArchive arIn(&SocketFile, CArchive::load);
    CArchive arOut(&SocketFile, CArchive::store);
    arOut << szOut;
    arIn >> szIn;

    I would receive a "501 Not Implemented" errer status in szIn.

    Why this happened?


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    [Moved thread]

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    Thank you, But I didn't use multithread. I write these codes in my main thread (the only thread in my application).

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