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    MIB to monitor and/or control a printer

    Hi there,
    I have to communicate with a printer using MIB.
    I am relatively new to both.
    Can anyone provide me some help on how I can monitor and control the status of a printer using MIB?
    Further I would also be much obliged if anyone can let me know as to hpw to access, handle and interact with the MIB?

    Thanks in advance.
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    You need to get tools (or create your own) that implement SNMP (the Simple Network Management Protocol), and you need to have a MIB for the printer. You communicate with the device over a TCP/IP network, sending SNMP information and receiving information back. You use SNMP primarily to query the device for information, but it is also possible to send commands; it all depends on what is defined in the MIB and how the device interprets the SNMP packets it gets. Here is a good intro to SNMP: Intro to SNMP

    There is a *ton* of info on SNMP available, it has been around for a long time. There is a plethora of tools and toolkits that can be used to work with and implement SNMP, many of which are free.

    Here is one good place to start: SNMP World

    There is a huge collection of MIB's available here, if you don't already have one: MIB Depot

    Good luck!

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