I found why my program's command buttons, picture boxes, forms themselves, lables, etc. width and height are larger than they should be and not positioned where they should be when I install my program on some computers (5 out of the 10 computers I installed my program on have this problem). It's because my program was designed on my computer with my WINDOWS FONT SIZE SETTING AT: SMALL FONTS. So now my program only looks right on computers with the same setting.

If a computer is set at LARGE FONTS, then my command buttons and everything else's widths and heights are too big and they are all in different positions on my form than they should be. My program is USELESS when someone has their computer settings for WINDOWS FONT SIZE set at: LARGE FONTS.

I want to make my program work on both settings, not just one or the other.

Does anyone know what I would have to do to get my program to work on a computer that is set at SMALL FONTS or LARGE FONTS rather than JUST SMALL FONTS like it does now?

Thanks for your help,