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    How to developpe router ?

    How to developpe router ?
    i m interssting to developpe a program that keep packet from on ethernet interface and make it routed over an other ethernet interface.
    i m using winpcap to capture ping request packet in the first interface and send it over the second but i the destination dont reply
    plz i need help

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    Are you forworing it as an ICMP packet? If so, you aren't sending it to the right place. I believe you need to use the ICMP port (which I don't know of it's number)
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    Thank's for reply
    i find solution ; it was a prblem of delay ; the prog make a lot of time to capt the packet and sent it in the secand inteface.
    i thing i need to program this with multithread
    someone can help me about this

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    If you're looking to make software that works like a router, you're going to have to learn about routed and routing protocals. You'll want to use RIP

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    Why not just buy one ?

    I bet you can already buy bridging/routing software.

    Seems like a lot of work for not a lot of gain to me.

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