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Thread: Outlook Express

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    Outlook Express

    Hi Gurus!

    I have a small problem. It concerns Outlook Express. For the moment I've an app that starts Microsoft Outlook an attachs a file in the following way.

    Dim outlook As Object
    Dim objoutlookmsg As Object

    Set objOutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
    Set objoutlookmsg = objOutlook.CreateItem(0)
    With objoutlookmsg
    .To = Emailstr
    .Subject = "Hers is the requested File"
    .Attachments.Add (FilePath)
    End With

    It was said that the Application only should deal with Microsoft Outlook. That would never change.

    SURPRISE !!! Yesterday my Boss came down and told me that we have a Customer and is it maybe possible to......

    My question is: Is it possible to start Outlook Express in a similar manner as Microsoft Outlook ? And how do I determine which one of Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook that is the default ?

    I've search this forum but haven't found a similar way.

    Thanks in advance

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    Aug 2003
    I seem to remember that Outlook Express doesn't expose an object model, not positive tho...?

    If not, you'll have to go the MAPI or SMTP way....

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    Mar 2003
    Thanks anyway Dmorley !

    Do you know an easy way to determine the default eamil-system ?

    Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express ?


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    Apr 2004

    Smile I had the same problem

    here one solution reading taking the default client from the registry. just copy and paste the code below in a module. "Client" returns the default mail client as string. enjoy!
    [Option Explicit

    Public Const HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT = &H80000000
    Public Const HKEY_CURRENT_USER = &H80000001
    Public Const HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE = &H80000002
    Public Const HKEY_USERS = &H80000003
    Public Const HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG = &H80000005
    Public Const HKEY_DYN_DATA = &H80000006
    Public Const REG_SZ = 1 'Unicode nul terminated string
    Public Const REG_BINARY = 3 'Free form binary
    Public Const REG_DWORD = 4 '32-bit number
    Public Const ERROR_SUCCESS = 0&

    Public Declare Function RegCloseKey Lib "advapi32.dll" _
    (ByVal hKey As Long) As Long

    Public Declare Function RegCreateKey Lib "advapi32.dll" _
    Alias "RegCreateKeyA" (ByVal hKey As Long, ByVal lpSubKey _
    As String, phkResult As Long) As Long

    Public Declare Function RegDeleteKey Lib "advapi32.dll" _
    Alias "RegDeleteKeyA" (ByVal hKey As Long, ByVal lpSubKey _
    As String) As Long

    Public Declare Function RegDeleteValue Lib "advapi32.dll" _
    Alias "RegDeleteValueA" (ByVal hKey As Long, ByVal _
    lpValueName As String) As Long

    Public Declare Function RegOpenKey Lib "advapi32.dll" _
    Alias "RegOpenKeyA" (ByVal hKey As Long, ByVal lpSubKey _
    As String, phkResult As Long) As Long

    Public Declare Function RegQueryValueEx Lib "advapi32.dll" _
    Alias "RegQueryValueExA" (ByVal hKey As Long, ByVal lpValueName _
    As String, ByVal lpReserved As Long, lpType As Long, lpData _
    As Any, lpcbData As Long) As Long

    Public Declare Function RegSetValueEx Lib "advapi32.dll" _
    Alias "RegSetValueExA" (ByVal hKey As Long, ByVal _
    lpValueName As String, ByVal Reserved As Long, ByVal _
    dwType As Long, lpData As Any, ByVal cbData As Long) As Long

    Public Client As String

    Public Function GetSettingString(hKey As Long, _
    strPath As String, strValue As String, Optional _
    Default As String) As String

    Dim hCurKey As Long
    Dim lResult As Long
    Dim lValueType As Long
    Dim strBuffer As String
    Dim lDataBufferSize As Long
    Dim intZeroPos As Integer
    Dim lRegResult As Long

    'Set up default value
    If Not IsEmpty(Default) Then
    GetSettingString = Default
    GetSettingString = ""
    End If

    lRegResult = RegOpenKey(hKey, strPath, hCurKey)
    lRegResult = RegQueryValueEx(hCurKey, strValue, 0&, _
    lValueType, ByVal 0&, lDataBufferSize)

    If lRegResult = ERROR_SUCCESS Then
    If lValueType = REG_SZ Then
    strBuffer = String(lDataBufferSize, " ")
    lResult = RegQueryValueEx(hCurKey, strValue, 0&, 0&, _
    ByVal strBuffer, lDataBufferSize)

    intZeroPos = InStr(strBuffer, Chr$(0))
    If intZeroPos > 0 Then
    GetSettingString = Left$(strBuffer, intZeroPos - 1)
    GetSettingString = strBuffer
    End If
    End If
    'there is a problem
    End If

    lRegResult = RegCloseKey(hCurKey)
    End Function

    Public Function Get_Mail_Client() As String
    Client = GetSettingString(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, "Software\Clients\Mail", " ")
    End Function

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    Apr 2004

    Lightbulb here some more to regarding to your prob

    to start and fill out an email using Outlook Express use the code below.
    Note: you must install 1 command button and MAPI32 Controls 6.0. The attached file must exist in a valid directory here the code:

    [Option Explicit
    Private bNewSession As Boolean ' Flag to signal logon status.
    Dim Recipent As String
    Dim Subject As String
    Dim NoteText As String
    Dim Attachment As String

    Private Sub ComposeMessage(Recipent As String, Optional Subject As String, _
    Optional NoteText As String, Optional Attachment As String)
    With MAPIMessages1
    .RecipAddress = Recipent
    .MsgSubject = Subject
    .MsgNoteText = NoteText
    .AttachmentPathName = Attachment
    .Send True 'if you would like to send the mail straight away
    End With
    End Sub

    Private Function LogOn() As Boolean
    If MAPISession1.NewSession Then
    MsgBox "Session already established"
    Exit Function
    End If
    On Error GoTo errLogInFail
    With MAPISession1
    .DownLoadMail = False ' Set DownLoadMail to False to prevent immediate download.
    '.LogonUI = True ' Use the underlying email system's logon UI.
    .SignOn ' Signon method.
    .NewSession = True
    bNewSession = .NewSession
    MAPIMessages1.SessionID = .SessionID ' You must set this before continuing.

    End With
    Exit Function

    Debug.Print Err.Number, Err.Description
    If Err.Number = 32003 Then
    MsgBox "Canceled Login"
    LogOn = False
    End If
    Exit Function
    End Function

    Private Sub LogOff()
    If MAPISession1.SessionID <> 0 Then MAPISession1.SignOff
    With MAPISession1
    .NewSession = False ' Flag for new session.
    bNewSession = .NewSession ' Reset flag.
    End With
    End Sub

    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    ComposeMessage "someone@somewhere.com", "Test", "Some notes", "C:\autoexec.bat"
    End Sub]

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