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    Thumbs up ZOrder Problem with ToolBar WIN32

    I am facing problem with ZOreder of toolBar i have mainwindow , ToolBar, ChildWindow, and i have created toolbar using createToolBarEx ,

    My problem is that , when i move child window towards titlebar it overlapps my toolBar but not Menu, I am not getting the point where i am wrong where both winndow child, toolbar , have same parent.

    again how 0,0 coordinate of client area goes on toolBar why it is so.

    I am using Win32 API not Mfc.

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    Re: ZOrder Problem with ToolBar WIN32

    Next time please post non-mFC questions in C++ and WinAPI forum.

    How is the hierarchy ? Like below ?
    * ToolBar
    * ChildWindow

    If so, that is bound to happen, because there is no restricting the child window because child window is entitled to whole of the mainwindow and so does toolbar window.

    What you could do is, create toolbar as child of main window. Create another dummy window as child of mainwindow which occupies all space apart from toolbar space. Create ChildWindow as child of this dummy window

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    Re: ZOrder Problem with ToolBar WIN32

    I am sorry to say, but it is hard to understand your English.

    Usually, a childwindow is behind the toolbar,
    and the childwindow is behind the menu too.

    This is because the toolbar is created in CMainFrame.
    And the menu belongs to CMainFrame too.

    Could you please explain in detail.

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