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    Question convert char to float???

    Hello everybody,

    I need an urgent answer to a question: how do you convert a character in C++ into float? I need to do a float computation. I tried converting the char into integer , but even that doesnt work (i used strtoi, atoi, and char-'0'). Then my friend says even if you convert to int, the float computation of float =int/int is wrong. If you know how to , please give a short example.

    Thanks thannks thanks!!!!

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    Are you trying to convert a number in a character string to a float, or just a character to a float?

    If it's just a character (as your question suggests), you can cast it as follows:

    char MyChar = 'A';
    float MyFloat = (float)MyChar;

    printf("MyFloat = %.2f\n", MyFloat);

    Which should give something like:

    MyFloat = 65.00

    Hope this helps,

    - Nigel

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    Hi Nigel,

    Thanks for your reply, but it is actually a string. I need to convert some characters into float's and push them into a stack.

    So i did something like:

    d = string[a];
    int temp = d- '0';

    Or, what behaves in the same way,

    int temp = string [a] - '0'

    because I wanted to see that it works like that first. However, because of the string I get the stupid problem that the stack gets an extra two zeros as the first input (no idea how that happens). I have the feeling that d gets to be a string of one character and the null at the end, although i only mean it to be a character

    Thanks again

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    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <stdio.h>

    int _tmain()
    char buf[64];
    float fval;

    strcpy(buf, "123.234");
    printf("buf = %s\n", buf);

    fval = atof(buf);
    printf("%0.3f\n", fval);

    return 0;

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    thank you, folks,

    you are awesome !! my project is now working!!

    hustle Q.

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