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Thread: "Visual Studio .net" and "Visual C++" ???

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    Question "Visual Studio .net" and "Visual C++" ???

    I'm pretty new to programming, I've worked with Scheme and C++, but I'm still a little confused about the basics of programming and software used. My main question is what is the difference between Visual Studio .net 2003, and Visual C++. Are they both compilers?
    I'm hoping to learn how to program applications and games using C++ and the Direct3d API. My professor suggested VS .net, but I'm not sure how to get started with the Direct3d api, and including it into my files with VS .net...

    Any answers to my questions will greatly be appreciated! Thanks!

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    Both are "more than just compilers", they are complete "Integrated Development Environments" (IDE's), containing:

    * Compiler (of course )
    * Editor
    * Debugger (for step-by-step execution etc. to find bugs)
    * Project management (i.e. which souce files belongtogether, with with compiler options thexy should be compiled, etc.)
    * Ressurce Editor (Dialogs, Icons, ...)
    and other "minor" stuff..

    Combining Project/Editor/Compiler/Debugger is very powerful and productive.

    Additionally, Visual Studio 2002 contains compilers and tools for other languages (C#, VB)

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    thanks !

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