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Thread: is MFC dead?

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    Well with .NET platform too C++ will progress more than other

    Well what you see today the C# came to picture only bcoz there were some personal problems between Scot@SUN and Bill@Microsoft.

    Even from various senior architectures of .NET, words come s that Visual C++ .NET is going to be sustain longer and will become richer.

    WELL IF YOU ARE TO BUILD DESKTOP APPLICATION MFC is still a better choice. No problem with it?

    Microsoft is more and more moving towards for advertising of its .NET platform. and is moving towards for Web based applications, where .NET will be of much use?

    Well most of the thoughts are not my own/private, but they came after my reading of interview section at codeproject. Thanks

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    Originally posted by ahoodin
    >I would like to see some ADO.NET technology via MFC??

    Man ADO is practically old school by now. Google for it.

    ADO.Net C++.

    Do some research, or at least

    0 search codeguru (found codeguru hits for that)

    1 search w/google (found multiple hits)

    2 search w/MSDN also.

    I have another question. In 20 years will .Net be around? Will C++ be around? What do you think? You have to admit, C and C++ will still be there.

    How about "ADO.NET MFC" ??

    I have not doubt in my mind that C++, but I'm talking about the MFC framework.

    I would like to see something like MFC .NET!!!

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    I would like to see something like MFC .NET!!!
    Already been done.

    Why dont u look up managed extensions for C++ on MSDN and see why?


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