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Thread: Problem with winsock

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    My post had nothing much to do with your original problem. I've said that in the first line itself. It was to encourage you to write better winsock codes.

    Even if our suggestions didn't help, please post the answer once you find it. We took the effort to help you, please return it to others.

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    Originally posted by kodeguruguy
    I acutally have a third party add-on software which allows me to use some additional controls and graphs. It's a pretty well know company, but their controls require ActiveX.
    i wld strongly suggest getting yr base classes working in a console program, without any message posting (use APC's if you need messages). if it all worx, then drop it in a gui program (or better, call a loosely coupled presentation layer in another module).

    All I need is a simple program that communicates with a micro-controller which supports TCP/IP connection.
    whats the micro? i wld really like to try this sometime. have you tried using a micro w/ usb by any chance?

    Your one of the very few people I have heard saying this. I think because the thread was moved to another forum instead of the Visual C++ programming forum. Anyway, I like MFC. Simple, straight forward and can be very robust if you know what you're doing.
    why not use CSocket then? :-)

    i like my src 2 b platform (& compiler!!) neutral.
    i also despise macros with a passion.

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