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Thread: Advice/Tips for the beginners...

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    Advice/Tips for the beginners...

    Just made this thread for collecting any advice the experienced programmers can give to the beginners such as myself. Could be anything like what beginners should have in mind to make understanding new concepts easier. Anything that would help. Since every experienced programmers have once walked through this path (how long or short only depends on the individual), I'm sure you all had the troubles (big or small) and came up with techniques to make things easier.

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    Too general of a question

    That's a very general question / topic.

    I'd have different recommendations for different people.

    For someone if high-school:
      Pay attention in your math classes!!! Get a copy of Linux and code things up for fun in your spare time.

    For someone in college:
      Try applying your programming/development skills to solve problems encountered in your other classes. Can you write an application to verify things from your statistics class? How about writing an application to help you in a project for ____ class? Experiment with different languages, different operating systems, and different tools. Try to find an internship somewhere. Become familliar with software testing.

    For someone who has a career already and wants to start developing software:
      Figure out what area of computers you like. Web development? Home PC applications? Microcontroller code for a home-built speaker system? Once you figure this out, start reading books. Take a community college course related to your interest.

    Those are just a few high-level ideas. Better advice can be given once an understanding of a persons goals and current experience are taken into account.

    - Kevin

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    read C/C++ Users Journal, Dr Dobbs, etc. look here, there & other places on the web for source code that you can learn from & adapt & take apart & play with.

    take an interest in as many aspects of programming as you can. do some assembler hacking on a eeprom uC or whathaveyou. design a message protocol for sockets. learn some different ways of implimenting a state machine, learn PostScript & LISP, read about parallel programming, data locality & granularity. write an interpreter. design yr own language.

    learn how to do multithreading properly in C or C++.

    thats about it.

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    Kevin Hall
    Better advice can be given once an understanding of a persons goals and current experience are taken into account.
    that is the key. personally, i'm still struggling to understand what exactly i expect to do with c++..
    but maybe that's just a matter of continuous practice.
    the doer alone learneth. (nietzsche)

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