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Thread: C++ macros

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    C++ macros

    i tend to avoid macros w/ extreme prejudice. mainly this is becos they are cryptic & pollute the global namespace. i never define constants, but of crs i am stuck w/ windoze headers etc, so i can never write a class with enum{ERROR=-1}; in it

    the two things i do use is #define & #ifdef for guarding header files from multiple inclusion & other header mungeing, & token pasting for when i want multiple identifiers, &/or const cstrings based on a common symbol.

    eg something like ...

    #define DECL(n)   \
       const char name[] = #n;  \
       bool is##n();
    // ...becomes...
      const char name[] = "Thing";   
      bool isThing();

    does anybody kno of any other uses for C preprocessor macros that cant be achieved any other way?

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    you mean like in

    inline bool ShortFrequentlyCalledFunction()
       return rand()%2 ? true:false;


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