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    General Discussion moderation policy

    This (locked) thread is a compilation of the rules of the General Discussion / Chit Chat forum.
    • For the veterans: I just merged the three stickies (Posts don't count/Moderation policy/Staying on topic)
    • For the newcomers: Please read this rules

    Hello everybody.

    First of all, I don't start this thread because of some incident in the General Discussion Forum. I just want to state a few things and let you guys tell me what you think.

    The General Discussion Forum is somewhat special, because it does not have a topic posts have to adhere to. In other words, it allowes you to chat about whatever you like. However, this does not mean that every post content is acceptable.

    This is an incomplete list of things that are not ok:

    - fighting, insulting, calling names
    - posting questionable things with a "disclaimer"
    - posting questionable things with the note "if a mod thinks that this is not ok, he should feel free to delete it". If a mod has to edit your post, you are already in violation.
    - posting copyrighted material. This includes using [img ] tags to display images from other web sides -- if you are not sure that these images are not copyrighted, don't post them.
    - insulting prominent persons, e.g. politicians or CEOs of various companies.

    A few times I have seen poeple say that the moderators are "spoiling the fun" of the forum. I think that this is not the case, as we seldom have edited or deleted posts -- not to speak about closing threads.
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    As the admin, let me make a couple of points here as well.

    I've asked all the moderators to make as *few* moderations as possible. We only moderate when we feel it is absolutely necessary. I believe this allows the board to stay true to the community.

    While you may know that you are only poking fun at each other, you need to consider the thousands of other people who read the messages here. They don't know everyone that frequents this board. As such, when they read your "friendly insults" and such, they don't know that they are friendly. This gives these people a negative attitude towards the board. I know this, because I get e-mails and PMs regarding the posts. In general, do the fun jabs in PMs. When writing online, remember, hundreds of others are reading your posts.

    Moderators can have fun too. A little fun mixed in is not a bad thing. The main purpose of allowing the "General Discussion" forum is to allow a little fun.

    Brad! Jones,
    LotsOfSoftware, LLC

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