Here is something many of us seem to run into now and then, and it can be a total mystery as to what is going wrong (Just happened to me not 10 minutes ago).

While working on a project, suddenly you get errors for Right(), and usually the Mid() function as well. They have been working the entire time, but now vb simply "forgot" what they are! One thing that many have found is to use VBA.Right(), but you know this shouldn't be necessary. After all, it was working fine.

So, a few minutes ago, it started doing this to one of my projects. I have two projects grouped together. The odd thing is, vb recognized the Right() function in one of the projects, but not the other! I checked the references, and found that vb had a reference to a "missing" project! It would not let me remove it, saying it was in use, even though nothing from this third project was actually being used, and it did not show up anyplace else. How could a project which does not even exist be in use anyway? Another m$ "feature" I guess...(they think of everything, don't they). Also, there were no errors while loading the project, which you would think it would give, especially when vb really likes doing that to us.

Now for the solution. I opened the vbp file for the project which had the trouble (not the vbg file), and removed the line referencing the mystery project. Tada! Works perfect! (for now).

Maybe this will be of some help to others...