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    Lightbulb Select file names

    Hi everyone. I'm using a common dialog control to select filenames. The problem is that they must have multiple selection option.

    When I try to parse the FileName property I get this weird character "" I dunno what to use to compare this special character. The code follows

    files = dlgSelArchivo.FileName
    n = Len(files)
    For j = 1 To n
    char = Mid(files, j, 1)
    If char = Null Then
    flag = 1
    ElseIf char <> Null And flag >= 1 Then
    final = final + char
    ElseIf char = Null And flag >= 1 Then
    final = final + "; "
    End If
    Next j

    Any replies will be appreciated.

    Thank You

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    If char = Null Then
    this is not fine in Vb6
    you must code differently:
    suppose char is a variant, you can code:
    if isEmpty(char) then
    in case you did not assigned anithing
    if isNUll(char) then
    in case you read from a db a null field
    ...at present time, using mainly Net 4.0, Vs 2010

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    Thanx cimperiali. I'll try that

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    Seems to me all that code can be replaced by something like this:
    Files = Replace(Files, Chr(1), "; ")
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    Well, it didn't work , but I found another way around. I used vbCharNull instead of IsEmpty and it worked

    Sometimes MSDN isn't as bad as it looks

    Anyway, thanx Cimperiali

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    Oh... I was just editing the post and hadn't read your reply WizBang. I think I'll try that


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