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    Server Busy Dialog

    I'm getting this server busy dialog intermittenly in my application on Win XP. I This is a standard windows message box with 2 options - Switch To & Retry. The cancel option is greyed out. 'm trying to figure out what is causing it so I can try to avoid it.

    Server Busy
    This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Choose 'Switch To' to activate the busy program and correct the problem.

    Switch To Retry

    Any pointers/links would be helpful.


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    Re: Server Busy Dialog

    First off, what type of application is it?


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    Re: Server Busy Dialog

    Look here ...


    or read this ...

    "If you call a method on a COM server from an MFC COM client application and if the method takes a long time to process and return back, you won't be able to do anything on the client application and the OLE Server Busy dialog box pops up. This article explains how you can increase the time-out period of the COM call and also shows you how to avoid this dialog box.

    Ensure that the MFC client application is calling AfxOleInit() to initialize COM. This is important, because AfxOleInit() also initializes and registers a COleMessageFilter data member in the CWinApp. Alternatively, you can create your own COleMessageFilter object and register that during the startup.


    to set the wait period on outgoing COM calls. If the COM call takes longer than nTimeout milliseconds, then the MFC Client application displays the OLE Server Busy dialog box.


    to disable the Not Responding dialog box, which is displayed if a keyboard or mouse message is pending during an OLE call and the call has timed out.


    to disable the busy dialog box from appearing after the COM call times out.

    Another way to suppress the server busy dialog box is to use OleInitialize and OleUninitialize instead of AfxOleInit in your application.

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    Re: Server Busy Dialog

    I have always used this in my application, but now those applications are starting to crash. the only changes are the applications are now running on WinXp SP 2. Do you know if SP2 has a problem with these calls?

    Thank in Advance

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    Re: Server Busy Dialog

    Can someone help me to implement this in visual basic 6?

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