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Thread: Newbie could use some input!

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    Newbie could use some input!

    Hello everyone!

    I would be thrilled if a couple of experienced coders could read this and give me their input on the matter.
    The thing is I've been wanting to learn a programming language now for about two years or so, but I have never started anything.
    The reason for this is because at first I was interested in coding for Counter-Strike and other FPS games, in which c++ knowledge is needed, and basicly I was told by some experienced people that I would have to spend 1-2 years of learning to accomplish anything above simple stuff.
    Which discouraged me to ever start learning the language.
    However, today I'm in a totally different position were I don't play CS or any FPS games anymore, but rather MMORPG games.
    And the lust for learning a programming language has stuck with me still.
    I find programming very, very interesting.
    So my thought now was that perhaps I could learn Visual Basic and use that knowledge to make programs for the MMORPG games that I am playing.
    One example would be making a bot, kinda like the bots that were made for Diablo II (mephisto, pindlebot etc), that could level for me when I'm gone or do some farming.
    - NOTE - Before you jump to conclusions; I would never attempt anything that is illegal, thus I wouldn't write something like a bot for any MMORPG out there that doesn't allow 3rd party programs to be used (which some do, mostly minor MMORPGs). - /NOTE -
    I thought of Visual Basic as I've heard that it's suppose to be alot easier than C++, thus also more limited but that's fine, but still quite powerful.
    The thing about me though is that I am 18 years old at the moment and I have no desire whatsoever to work as a coder, so this would be kind of a hobby thing I guess.
    I would still spend alot of time on it ofcourse and I still have the goal of becoming very good at it, but I don't have a whole year to spend on gaining the knowledge needed to make these programs, a bot for example.
    This does not mean that I'm only going to be coding for a year or less, but what it means is that if it takes me a whole year before I can do a bot, then I won't pursue it as I just don't feel that it's rewarding.
    But if I could gain that knowledge, let's say until this christmas or so, then I would probably continue coding and expanding my knowledge, because then I would definatiley feel that I'm making progress and that I ain't just wasting my time.
    So I asked a friend of mine, who used to do VB, aswell as a couple of other coders and they all said "Drop the bot project for at least a year or two".
    But instead of gicing up just yet I decided to make a post here, as I think that they missunderstood me, since they don't know how these games or bots work.

    Alot of text.
    I hope a couple of experienced coders can give me some honest answers here!
    I would truly appreciate it!

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    Re: Newbie could use some input!

    Well, one important aspect here is aptitude. Some people catch on quick, while others will never get it. Then there are infinite levels in between. You may be able to do what you want with those games in under a year, or maybe not. I guess my advise would be to just try it. I think you'll know in a short while if you will want to pursue it. However, I don't know that a bot, or any particular project for that matter, is the sort of goal that will keep you interested. From my experience, it always seems like a quest to rise higher. To keep going beyond what you did the last time. Start simple, and see how it goes. Be prepaired for lots of frustrating times, illegal operations, crashes, and lost source code.

    If you don't already have vb, I might suggest giving Liberty Basic a try. The free version should give you a good start, and it is quite a lot like vb, so switching later won't be difficult. For C++, there's MinGW, which is completely free, and there are others of course.

    Of course, the resources available to you are innumerable. This forum, PlanetSourceCode.com, and others will likely be daily stops along the way.
    Please remember to rate the posts and threads that you find useful.
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    Talking Re: Newbie could use some input!

    Hi chazz,
    I am very new to Visual Basic myself, i have currently been coding for about 2-3 weeks on and off. by using this forum and visiting code sites like www.PlanetSourceCode.com i have picked up alot.
    I can currently code Bots and Tools for MSN Messenger 6.2 and a few other programs. Trust me you will start programing with hair and after two weeks have only a little patch on the back of your head.
    Its just a fun past time, if it was my job you would go mad.
    But dont give up, People like WizBang are here to help you along as much as possible, i myself have had most of my questions answered by WizBang and he always has a solution.

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    Re: Newbie could use some input!

    Thanks a bunch for your replies.
    My friend still insists that it will take me well over a year, but I'm just ingoring him now (he doesn't even know how a bot works).
    Anyway, I will start ASAP and see if it I'd like to pursue it, even if it would take me a year I will still be gaming next year so then I can use my gained knowledge.
    Right now I'm off from school for the rest of this year (until after next summe) then I will continue my last year at college, which means that I will be living home for the next two years, thus probably still be gaming.
    But it would be tons of fun to learn it quicker so that I can enjoy it before school starts.

    Could you recommend me some programs to start off with?
    It doesn't have to be free, nor cheap, as I always borrow all my programs (photoshop, aftereffects, flash etc etc) from my old tutor at a job that I had while I were in school two years ago.
    It's a computer related company so those guys have it all, and lucky for me I've gotten to know my old tutor so he lets me borrow just about anything.

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    Red face Re: Newbie could use some input!

    For me its all about Visual Basic 6.0 i use to have Visual Studio.net ("Borrowed From A Friend') on an older computer but never used it cos i thought it would be to hard.

    WizBang said about Liberty Basic if you cant get your hands on Visual Basic.

    I was so poor growing up ... if I wasn't a boy ...I'd have nothing to play with.

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    Re: Newbie could use some input!

    I have written a few bots for MMORPGs and it isn't easy. C++ is definatly the best program to use for this as it is much easier to adjust timing and/or reponses to the game.

    I wouldn't say that it was a good project to start with if the aim is to learn the code as it was with me, but as bots are your main goal I guess it doesn't matter. I can say that if the interest is there then a simple bot will never take even the most inept person a year. No where near!

    A good way to learn bot coding is to find a downloadable source code for one, but as most are written in c/c++ it might be a challenge to find one in VB. I would show u mine but none are very legitimate (or stable ) so I won't distribute them.

    Whatever problems you come across, post exactly what your having a problem with, but keep it out of context as much as possible or people will question your motives. I know that most gamers hate bots which is why most MMORPGs don't allow them. It's purely because they give you an advantage. Well, usually.

    Can you say what RPGs your looking at? I may be able to give some tips.


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    Re: Newbie could use some input!

    Yeah I've tried to find some old bots for Diablo II as I've heard some/most of them were written in VB, but to no avail.
    And it figures that c++ would be the best programming language to use, but I think it would be just too hard for me to learn it as my first language, sadly enough.
    But hopefully I can pull it off using VB too.

    The case is I would love to be able and make my first bot as fast as possible, but at the same time I feel that I would also like to know exaclty what I'm doing by understanding the code, so that I can fix errors and develop my bot/bots further with time to make them better and more advanced.
    So even if I would like to make my first bot way before a period of one year, I also don't want to rush it too much so that I haven't learned anything or can't understand anything.

    Thanks for your tips and your support, great knowing that you'll be around here at the forums since you got knowledge about this area.
    Oh, I'll send you a PM in about two minutes or so.

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