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Thread: textbox

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    How to make the textbox can't enter Special Character (! @ # $ % ^) ?
    anyone noe?
    thx for helpin

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    Re: textbox

    Not sure what your asking.

    txtbox1.text = "! @ # $ % ^" ?

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    Re: textbox

    You may want to try something with the text box's "validating" event.
    Just keep in mind that the validating event is triggered by another control that has its "CausesValidation" property set to True.

    For instance, if you wanted to make sure only numbers were entered in a textbox called "txtQuantity" you would do the following inside the validating event sub...

    If Not IsNumeric(txtQuantity.Text) Then
    MessageBox.Show("Must be a number")
    End If

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    Re: textbox

    i mean tat i just want the textbox accept text (A-Z) only.
    like in Access, u set the input mask to ">L<????????" rite, then u can only input text. Symbol and Number is not allow. That is wat i want in my Vb.NET

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    Re: textbox

    Regular Expressions are the easiest way to do this:
        Private _ExpressionToMatch As New System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex("[a-zA-Z]")
        Private Sub TextBox1_KeyPress(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.KeyPressEventArgs) Handles TextBox1.KeyPress
            If Not _ExpressionToMatch.IsMatch(e.KeyChar) Then _
                e.Handled = True
        End Sub
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