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Thread: access database limitation

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    Arrow access database limitation


    Is there any limitation with the storage of records in Access 2000 Database?
    Pls help me...

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    Smile Re: access database limitation

    Hi praveenjain, when compared with SQL Server and Oracle, Access 2000 has limitations in all aspects(Data storage,query optimization)


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    Re: access database limitation

    check this thread :

    also read this from access help :
    Access database
    Attribute Maximum
    Microsoft Access database (.mdb) file size 2 gigabytes minus the space needed for system objects.
    Number of objects in a database 32,768
    Modules (including forms and reports with the HasModule property set to True) 1,000
    Number of characters in an object name 64
    Number of characters in a password 14
    Number of characters in a user name or group name 20
    Number of concurrent users 255


    Attribute Maximum
    Number of characters in a table name 64
    Number of characters in a field name 64
    Number of fields in a table 255
    Number of open tables 2048; the actual number may be less because of tables opened internally by Microsoft Access
    Table size 2 gigabyte minus the space needed for the system objects
    Number of characters in a Text field 255
    Number of characters in a Memo field 65,535 when entering data through the user interface;
    1 gigabyte of character storage when entering data programmatically

    Size of an OLE Object field 1 gigabyte
    Number of indexes in a table 32
    Number of fields in an index 10
    Number of characters in a validation message 255
    Number of characters in a validation rule 2,048
    Number of characters in a table or field description 255
    Number of characters in a record (excluding Memo and OLE Object fields) 2,000
    Number of characters in a field property setting 255
    note that there is a size limit not a row number limit
    atually i faced severe problems with large access databases (60 MB+)
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    Re: access database limitation

    Yes, Access tend to be very slow when having large database like 100MB and more. While the limit is 2 Gigs, it's just theoric, same with the numbers of users, Access start slowing where there is like 20 users at the same time, think about 255...

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    Re: access database limitation

    Thank you all for the reply..

    Praveen Jain

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    Re: access database limitation

    Biggest limitation in my experience is the inability to begin a transaction with an open cursor. Thats quite limiting.

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    Re: access database limitation

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