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Thread: Not enough memory for operation error in Crystal reports

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    Exclamation Not enough memory for operation error in Crystal reports

    I am trying to send a crystal report to the fax machine ( WinFAX Pro 10.03) via a click of the button in VB. The report itself generates fine in the Crystal reports design window itself.

    While in VB Everything works fine here until it reaches the line with the ****.... I get "Not Enough Memory for Operation"... Any Ideas???? The system I am using it on has
    memory to burn ...so I think it is something else????

    Set dbDatabase = CurrentDb()

    Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset
    StrSql = "Select acctID,acctName,faxNum From tbl_Account WHERE docrtID=3"
    rs.Open StrSql, goConn, adOpenForwardOnly

    strCompany = "Company Name"
    strReportName = "FAX REPORT"

    Chan = DDEInitiate("FAXMNG", "CONTROL")

    Do While Not rs.EOF

    Chan = DDEInitiate("FAXMNG", "TRANSMIT")
    DDEExecute Chan, "GoIdle"

    faxNum = Chr$(34) & rs![faxNumber] & Chr$(34)
    faxName = Chr$(34) & rs![accountName] & Chr$(34)
    faxCompany = Chr$(34) & strCompany & Chr$(34)
    faxSubject = Chr$(34) & strReportName & Chr$(34)

    SendCriteria = faxNum + ",,," + faxName + "," + faxCompany + "," + faxSubject

    DDEPoke Chan, "Sendfax", "showSendScreen(""0"")"
    DDEPoke Chan, "Sendfax", "fillCoverPage(""0"")"
    DDEPoke Chan, "Sendfax", "recipient(" + SendCriteria + ")"

    CrystalReport1.SelectionFormula = "{tbl_Account.accountID} = '" & rs![accountID] & "'"

    CrystalReport1.Action = 1 **** ' this generates the error "NOT Memory operation
    Call PauseSeconds(5)

    Any help would be much aprreciated!!!


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    Re: Not enough memory for operation error in Crystal reports

    How many records does the query pull back? What record does it fail on? I honestly have no clue how the Fax stuff works, so this is just a wild guess, but maybe you have too many of the Fax objects open. Does it create a new object with every loop? Can you close them somehow after you loop through each row?
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    Re: Not enough memory for operation error in Crystal reports

    The query only returns 3 records based on the Select statement.

    There is only 1 instance of the fax open.

    I have checked many forums about this problem...many people have experienced this but have had no luck in finding a solution.

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    Re: Not enough memory for operation error in Crystal reports

    There is a hot fix available for this problem. It was a nightmare for me till i got this fix.

    However, i have lost the link to that fix. The fix name is called as CRNET10WIN_EN. This is an executable and has lot of various issues fixed.

    I have the fix with me. In case anyone needs it, do reply back to me separately and i can send across the fix. I am sure all the memory issues will be resolved after running through the fix.

    Regards - Kiran

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