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Thread: Help!! Matching texts among text files

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    Unhappy Help!! Matching texts among text files


    I've read about matching strings and all but I still am not able to write. I would like to compare the strings in one text file with another text file, and then compare to see if there're any matches. I have the following codes, which is a string matching algorithm called Karp-Rabin, whereby a hashing function is used to check the resemblance between two words. So, instead of checking at each position of the text if the pattern occurs, it seems to be more efficient to check only if the contents of the window “looks like” the pattern.

    'Function Rehash (note: d has to be supplied as well!)
    Function Rehash(a As Integer, b As Integer, h As Integer, _
    d As Integer) As Integer
    Rehash = (h - a * d) * 2 + b
    End Function

    Sub KR(ByRef x() As Byte, ByVal m As Integer, ByRef y() As Byte, _
    ByVal n As Integer)
    '% stands for As Integer
    Dim d%, hx%, hy%, i%, j As Integer

    ' /* Preprocessing */
    ' /* computes d = 2^(m-1) with
    'the left-shift operator */
    d = 2 ^ (m - 1)
    i = m - 1
    hx = i
    hy = hx
    For i = 0 To m - 1
    hx = hx * 2 + x(i)
    hy = hy * 2 + y(i)

    '/* Searching */
    j = 0
    Do While (j <= n-m)
    'I am not really sure if I got this one right... Sure hope so
    If (hx = hy And CompareArrays(x, y, j, m)) Then
    'OUTPUT(j); '//Don't know what this does
    End If
    hy = Rehash(CInt(y(j)), CInt(y(j + m)), hy, d)
    j = j + 1
    End Sub

    Function CompareArrays(x() As Byte, y() As Byte, j As Integer, _
    m As Integer) As Boolean
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim bSame As Boolean

    bSame = True
    For i = j To m - 1
    If (x(i) <> y(i + j)) Then
    bSame = False
    Exit For
    End If
    Next i

    CompareArrays = bSame
    End Function

    I just dont know how to adapt this code to my program. I hope someone will be able to help me out.

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    Re: Help!! Matching texts among text files

    Have you seen this post by cjard?
    I'd rather be wakeboarding...

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