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Thread: Anyone else coding before high school?

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    Anyone else coding before high school?

    I've always liked codeguru even way back in the day when there wasn't a VB section. It has helped me to widen the bredth of my Windows programming knowledge. Way back in the day I even submited the CPing class. Now that I see you guys have a forum, I figured I'd sign up and let the info flow the other direction even more.

    Anyway, I thought I'd start this thread to find out how my fellow codeguru forum posters got started. Here's my contribution to the thread:

    First Code Written

    Date: Summer 1987
    Computer: Tandy TRS-80 (aka Trash 80 aka coco)
    Computer Cost: Free from my uncle
    Language: Microsoft Color Basic
    Motivation: Computer games are cool cause they are free, but didn't have any
    Instruction Source: TRS-80 book: "Getting Started with Color Basic"
    Output: "Hello World" (or something like that)
    Age: 10

    How did you guys start? Also, surely I couldn't have been the only kid who was obsessed with programing instead of out chasing frogs, watching Scooby Doo or playing video games. Well, I too was playing video games, but I had written them. Homemade Tron! Woohoo!
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    Re: Anyone else coding before high school?

    There's already a thread here: What age did you start?. Same topic. Read it.
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    Re: Anyone else coding before high school?

    Go easy on 'im, Cilu .

    Here's a link:

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