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    Unhappy Why can't find the file "streams.h"

    I download the source code of DirectShow capture application(AMCap) ,and when I compile it,there is always a fatal error:can't find the file "streams.h".It also happenes when I compile other codes about DirectShow.
    Why?!Need some DDK or....?
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    Re: Why can't find the file "streams.h"

    Just a guess but if you want file streams, #include <fstream> and if you want io do a #include <iostream>. The #include <*.h> is depreciated, so don't add the .h extension for includes.

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    Re: Why can't find the file "streams.h"

    I dont know what samples your working with or anything but I know that streams.h ships with some versions of the DirectX SDK and is used in some of the samples provided with that version of the SDK cant remember off hand wich version of the DirectX SDK includes the DirectShow SDK ..

    As I recall they did come seperately at one point

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    Re: Why can't find the file "streams.h"

    You need to make sure that the direct show base classes library is included in your paths.

    Go to (in Dev Studio 2002 and above) Tools/Options and select the Projects/ VC++ Directories like here :


    Change the drop down to "Include Files" and add "C:\DXSDK\Samples\C++\DirectShow\BaseClasses" (or wherever your DirectX SDK install is) at the bottom.

    It should find the files now.

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    Re: Why can't find the file "streams.h"

    maby u have the header file but not the *.obj file which is the compiled code .

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