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    Writing graphics to a Printer Device context

    Hi all,

    My aim is to get the handle of a printer and then pass some data to it for printing. so far I have managed to get the handle of printer:
    hdcPrn = GetPrinterDC()
    and then just for testing i captured the desktop screen but getting the handle of the screen and copied this data to the printer using BitBlt:
    where hdcScreen is the Device Context of the screen.

    Now what i want to do is read some data from a word document using Creatfile() and ReadFile() and then write whatever data I get into the Device DC of the printer. I am sure Writefile() or TextOut() will not work b'coz the .doc might contain images also. I want to know if there is any command or method to write a buffer data into a device DC.

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    Re: Writing graphics to a Device context

    there is much easier way to do what you asking.
    all you have to do is use Word Automation, and simply by couple of commands you open a doc file and can priniting it, without any pharsing of the document i did it once with Excel!

    the code should look somehting like that:

    Applcation appWord;
    appWord.Open ( ...) //give the file name to open + other parameters
    appWord.PrintOut( ...) // print the opened file

    basically thats all you have to do.

    if you got problem let me know.


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