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Thread: Change ID3 tags

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    Change ID3 tags


    I'm writing a program that needs to modify the ID3 tags of several mp3 files. I'm trying to use the code found at http://www.motobit.com/tips/detpg_change-id3-tags-script/.

    I've downloaded and registered the CDDBControl.dll and I've added a reference to it in the IDE. But whenever I run this code I get an error saying that:

    ActiveX component can't create object or return reference to this object (Error 429)
    The actual code I'm using is:
      Private Sub Command1_Click()
      	Dim id3 As New CddbID3Tag
      	Set id3 = CreateObject("CDDBControl.CddbID3Tag")
      	id3.LoadFromFile "C:\Documents and Settings\David\Desktop\test.mp3", False
      	id3.Album = "TEST ALBUM"
      	id3.Title = "TEST CHANGED TITLE"
      	id3.SaveToFile "C:\Documents and Settings\David\Desktop\Tell It Like It Is.mp3"
      End Sub
    Can anyone tell me what is wrong or how I can solve this problem?

    Thanks very much,


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    Re: Change ID3 tags

    If you added a reference, then don't use CreateObject(). Is that the line where the error occurs? Try it without that line.
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    Re: Change ID3 tags

    That works fine now. Thanks very much WizBang.


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