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Thread: help for server...

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    help for server...

    I have to make a server which should be able to make about 1000 connections after booting. Then starts communication proccess in which clients sends short messages(about 10 bytes) to server and server responds whith similar messages to 5 clients after receiving every message from one of the clients. In every moment about 300 clients are sending messages to server. Server also must reconnect broken TCP connections on client request. Can anybody help me about a way to make that kind of application and which tool is better for use:WinSock API or MFC classes CSocket or CAsyncSocket, then blocking or non-blocking sockets etc. Help!!!

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    Re: help for server...

    This might be too much for you at the moment, but I think thats what suits most for you application.

    Windows Sockets 2.0: Write Scalable Winsock Apps Using Completion Ports
    INFO: Design Issues When Using IOCP in a Winsock Server

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