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Thread: CG members photo album

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    CG members photo album

    This thread is dedicated for the members of CG Forum to share pictures of them. Everyone is welcomed to post pictures, or links of pictures with them.

    Just a few things before you post:
    • Let me remind you that is not allowed to post pictures of other members, or disclose information about them that they don't want to share; so don't post pictures of other members if you have such;
    • Please try to avoid uploading pictures having more than 50-75 KB. Some people may not have good/great internet connection, and when a 15 threads page is full with pictures, it may take some time to load.
    • This thread is about CG members, so please do not post pictures of pets, cars, bikes, bottle of beers unless you also are in the picture. Pictures with you alongside wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, brother/sister, etc. are welcomed. Obviously, cartoon pictures or movie action heros or others also fall into the non-posting category.
    • This is a way to get to know each others better, so try not to make fun of people based on the photos posted here.
    • A picture is directly displayed only if it is the only attachment to a post. If there are more than one attached files, you must click on a link to see them. So, if you want to post more than one picture at a time, do it in separate posts.

    To keep track of the pictures posted here and quickly find what you are looking for you can use the index provided below. The index links for the posts to which the pictures are attached, not for the pictures themselves. If you remove pictures from a post or find broken links please report them to me so that I can update the index. Also, please understand that I won't be able to update the index each time a new pictures is posted.
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