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Ugh... Puh-lease!
Okay, fine.. you were talking of a different kind of Halo-Halo.
I thought you were referring to the Halo-Halo I know of. And it is a dessert. It's not a cocktail.
Somebody stop me!
Yes, dessert in which you mix things... and that is called by some people cocktail:
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To indicate, at the turn of the century Filipinos did not stop discovering or experimenting on sweet foods and recipes that would satisfy the palate.
Actually in Pagsanjan Laguna, people make edible transparent and gelatinous white mold, called Nata de Pi.
They used to make it by using large jars, covered with cheese cloth with chopped pineapple skins, and mixed with a formula of sugar and liquor, then wait patiently for the mold to fill the whole jar. Pagsanja also discovered the sweet taste of the tubo [tubu] which is one of their delicacy. It is a round spongy growth inside a very mature coconut. With this, they make their halo-halo (fruit cocktail in crushed ice, sugar and milk) unique, by including this.
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