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    There are not many active world of warcraft server emulator's, and even less are opensource and thus free of charge. The three active players at the moment are WoWWoW, ludmilla and wowemu. But there are a lot of dead projects, for example wowd, that uses mysql as it's database instead of textfiles.


    Because it would be a shame to waste the already good source code of wowd I would like to start a project to continue and speed up the development of the emulator. To realize this I need the help of some talented C++ programmers that are willing to spend some of their free time into developing this emulator. I want to set up this team by the flowing scheme, There is one project leader that will coordinate what is going to developed, in addition provide a development server, tools and manage the website.


    A server can't function without a proper database, WDDG is developing a new emulator so we can count them out. Blackstorm's website has been offline for sometime now... Because of this events we will also need people working on the database. The work will include creature file, spwampoints and quests.


    As the community supporting the project will grow so will the donations that are given. To support the programmers that are working on the project they will get a share of the total donations that corresponds the amount of work that developer has done on the emulator.

    Example on donation's:
    Total Donated: 160,- euro
    Active programmers: 4
    inactive programmers: 2
    programmers that developed
    complex new functions: 2 (1.40)
    simple new functions:  1 (0.85)
    fixed major bugs:      0 (1.10)
    fixed small bugs:      1 (0.65)
    nothing:               2
    total donated / Active programmers = share
    share * function muliplyer = pay
    160/4 = 40
    fixed small bugs
    40 * 0.65 = 26
    Complex function pay
    40 * 1.40 = 56

    I want to setup up this team, and will function as team leader. I will setup the website and program supportive php scripts to create account's and manage the server. In total the team is going to need 6-8 Programmers that will work actively on developing the source code and 2-4 that work on converting the current wddg database to a format that the emulator can read.

    I was unsure where I should my topic, hopefully I posted it in the correct section
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