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Thread: Log user out without keypress in VB6

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    Log user out without keypress in VB6

    Hello all,

    I would like to incorporate into my program a routine such that if a user stays for some time without pressing a key, then s/he is logged out of the system.
    I would be very grateful if I could be assisted in this way.

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    Re: Log user out without keypress in VB6

    Not sure if you can do it a single exe since VB6 is single threaded. Because of this, timer controls can be problem. I would setup some kind of timer and every time it fires, check a keypress dirty flag. If that flag is not set, log them off. It it is set, clear it.

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    Re: Log user out without keypress in VB6

    This thread asks (and has answered) a similar question and may be of some use to you, Owoahene.
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