I searched my code for samples containing "domain"; I did this for my own purposes to search my own code. I unintentionally included my temporary internet cache. Note that the cache might be an old cache.

My search found a broker.js script in the cache which has code that has URLs beginning with:
And similar things. It might be an innocent redirection script or doing something that is innocent. However it uses variables with "SiteRecruit" as a prefix, such as "SiteRecruit_Globals". At the beginning of the script is a comment that has "Copyright 2005 SurveySite".

I searched the internet for "SiteRecruit_Globals" and found a couple of (different) copies of a broker.js script. They are in SIENER INFORMATIQUE, which is a computer hardware sales site that is not in English.

I can't determine whether this is all innocent and such. If anyone wants to analyze this further, I will try to provide whatever I can to help.