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Thread: Closing file problems

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    Closing file problems

    Hey Guys,
    I open a file for "Input As" and then close it.
    After that open the same file for "Append As"but then I got an error, that the file is still in use or allready open.

    Is there a solution to close the file quicker?
    This is what I use now:

    f = "C:\test.dat"
    i = FreeFile
    Open f For Input As #i
    Close #i

    f= "C:\test.dat"
    i2 = FreeFile
    Open f For Append As #i2
    Close #i2

    Thanks allready
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    Re: Closing file problems

    Set the initial Open command to be shared access. This way it shouldn't matter if the file is already opened you will still be able to do your append operation later.
    Open f For Input Shared As #i
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    Re: Closing file problems

    You can Open for Append when creating files too, so if you will be opening the file again immediately afterward anyway, you might just open it once with Append.
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