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    Re: Meaning of your username!

    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor Luz
    My nickname...
    When I had to choose it this character came to my mind. So I considered it a good choice and did a literal translation.
    This is intresting ...
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    Re: Meaning of your username!

    Just my nickname...

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    Re: Meaning of your username!

    Quote Originally Posted by mrRee
    when I was born, my parents had a big time to name me as I was so ugly, dumb, stoopid, cripple, sick and et cetra...so, they think, "what the heck we're gonna name him"...then, they got an idea...they named me : whaTHell...

    after some times..a man from the government came to pay a visit..."you can't named him like that..and your signature goes against the law", the man said...so my parents asked him, "why we have to change his name...he deserved that name...but if you insisted, how?"..."leave it to me", then the man left with my new name written on a piece of paper by my parents....

    after a couple of day, the child's name had been changed to mrRee...but it's not a mystery anymore after many of them noticed that mrRee's former name was whaTHell...

    then 5000 amoebas went to a shoping mall...naked...they had been arrested becau...fruit! that was the different story...I'm sorry..............................that's how I became mrRee...the end...
    Good story.....made me sleeep welll............
    Ramkrishna Pawar

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    Re: Meaning of your username!

    It is actally way to pronounce O.D. and it's not o be related with garfield. O.D. way first developed when I was 17. One time I come to meet with my friends so stoned that when they saw that decided that they will from now on call me Overdosed Dee. This is acctually why I have 2 e at and of Odiee, and not one like Garfield friend has. And D. is first letter of my name witch is Dario.
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