I am new to C++ programming, and have only just found the need to learn deeper due to a program I have come up against. I have been lead to believe that it is possible to "overlay" text within applications using API hooks. The situation I am in, I would like to create two simple counters that will be displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the game screen. This is what the counters would do:

Counter One:
Count down from a number set by the user outwith the game to zero upon the keypress of F12. (For example, I would set the number to 500, enter the game, and for every time F12 is pressed, this number will decrease)

Counter Two:
Count down from 60:00 (60 minutes) to 00:00 (0 minutes) from the time the user carries out a specific key sequence (e.g. Ctrl+F12).

As I am very new to C++ programming, please be gentle :P Any help will be greatly appreciated to help me on my way to understand C++ better.