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    .NET Framework CLR Tools: How do I use the Runtime Debugger?

    Q: How do I use the Runtime Debugger?

    A: The Runtime Debugger helps tools vendors and application developers find and fix bugs in programs that target the .NET Framework common language runtime.

    • What tasks can I perform with the Runtime Debugger?

      The run-time debugger allows you to perform the following tasks:

      • Start, attach to, continue, detach from, and stop a running process.

      • Display application domains, assemblies, loaded modules, classes, and global functions.

      • Step into and over both source and native instructions.

      • Show source-code lines.

      • Set the value of a variable.

      • Set the next statement to a new line.

      • Set or display breakpoints.

    • How can I get the options available in CorDbg.exe?

      The full list of 'CorDbg' options can be displayed by typing

      CorDbg /?
      from a command prompt.

    • Can I have an example of starting a 'CorDbg.exe' session?

      The following command starts a 'CorDbg.exe' session for the application 'MyApplication.exe' with the program arguments 'a' and '2' and the following optional commands:

      • set a breakpoint in MyApplication.cs at line 42
      • continue the application
      • display symbols in 'MyApplication.exe' matching the string 'SomeString'

      cordbg MyApplication.exe a 2 !b MyApplication.cs:42 !g !x MyApplication.exe\!SomeString

    • Can I have an example of running an executable inside a 'CorDbg.exe' session?

      The following command entered from within a 'CorDbg.exe' session (at the 'cordbg' prompt) runs the executable 'MyApplication.exe' with the program arguments 'a' and '2':

      run MyApplication.exe a 2 b

    • Where can I find more information on the Runtime Debugger?

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