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I've been looking forward to this update
Thanks for the Compliment.

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As for searching multiple pages, I seem to recall that what I did was to simply move the ScrollBar. The scroll event fired and did the rest.
Problem here is that i only read 1K of the file at a time.. (what you see on the form is whats loaded into the byte array) in order to try and keep away from the 'Out of memory error' you picked up previously. Although that was mostly because of the memory used by the 1024 textbox's

So i will need to read the next block (and maybe include the last 100 bytes of the previous block) and search again..

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For pasting past the end of the page, the first thing that comes to mind is to require the data be written to file, then it will already be there when scrolling. Binary mode doesn't set the EOF marker, so that's no problem. Optionally I suppose you could use a temp file. Other things will likely come to mind after I click submit
Or after you logout..

The thing here again is the 1K block of loaded data.. File additions will be in steps of 1K (Or 512 bytes if used in narrow mode) Also setting a new EOF earlier in the file (Cutting a file shorter) cannot work with out using a new temp file... But i'm not to sure if i need to go in that direction ??

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Checking for an image file header **shouldn't** be too difficult. I think I ran into a code snippet on PSC for detecting a number of header types, though it's probably gonna need some tweaks too.
On my way there now...

Thanks for your Valuable input Wizbang.. Your enthusiasm (<--- I know, my spelling is bad, But CG doen not have a 'F7' function,, Spellchecker ) with this little progect of mine has made it worth my while to write, when compleate I'm contemplating posting it on PSC.. So it can help 100's of others.. (Ahh CG users will have first option though)